Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Still testing my sewing skills and Rain, Rain, Rain!!

I cannot believe how bad the weather has been, it has been absolutely overwhelming here in the valley.
The Manifold Valley is a popular place for camping and walking and I am lucky enough to live right in the middle of it. This week though has seen some terrible floods and there has been no hope for anyone wanting to walk in our beautiful countryside as all the footpaths were quite a few feet under water as the Manifold broke its banks! 

The beer garden at one of the local pubs!!

All this bad weather at half term has not been ideal for the children, but after friends coming around, trips to the cinema it was time to get the Lego out!

And for me the sewing machine. I am trying very slowly to try and learn how to do different things and become more confident so with been forced to stop in off I went!

First project was a cushion for my little ones bedroom, I used the interior from an old cushion and a few scraps of material I had about.

Next was a bag for my little grandson Alfie to take to pre school, its a little wobbly but not bad

Another bag for me :) Don't you just love a tea cloth bag!

What I have really been wanting to master is the art of putting a zip into something, so I went onto You Tube and there are an amazing amount of people that you can watch. 
I have always thought it strange that someone would sit there and film themselves doing something, but all I can say is thank goodness that they do, because I can now make a pencil case/makeup bag which is lined and has a perfectly put in zip.

Can you see a theme going on here with my work? I loved the cushion so much I made a little purse the same 

and this is another little purse not another tea cosy! I just wanted to have another go at the freestyle embroidery.
I am so thrilled with how these little zipper purses have turned out I may even do a tutorial, but in pictures, you certainly won't see me on video (too much cursing!)

My last project of the week has been to make a snap framed coin purse, this has turned out OK but really only OK, I think that I need a little more practice at this one but will enjoy the challenge!

I used a sew on frame because that is what I had in but I don't think that I have made the sides very well, they don't fit as snuggly under the hinge as I would have liked, perhaps I need to cut it slightly less next time?? A little lady on You Tube will show me how I'm sure :)

Have a good week everyone

Claire xx


  1. Hello Claire - I have been blogging for three years (break of almost year with cancer) and am still teaching myelf how to do things. Your first makes are amazing - and the zip is really good for a beginner.


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  3. Wow they are brilliant! I love them and you have inspired me! 😍😍😍