Monday, 28 May 2012

The Magic of a Tea Towel!!

Just a quick update on my sewing skills. After the great success of the Cath Kidston bag, I decided that I would have a go at making my own pattern and make a bag with some patriotic flowery tea towels I got from the local Aldi.
So after a little measuring to make sure that I got as much of the flower on as possible I tentatively made the cuts, hoping and hoping that I hadn't got it wrong and then began to sew

I was actually surprised at how easy it was and when the outer of the bag was done I made an identical one from a spotty tea towel to give it a lovely lining and I even gave it a little pocket inside, even I am amazed at my new found skill!  I made the handle from some cotton webbing and ta-dah here it is my beautiful Jubilee tea towel shopping bag, I LOVE IT!!!!!

You would never guess that it has cost me about £4 to make and it is totally unique which I love! It is nice to know that I have something that is a total one off and nobody else has one like it. 

Not being able to contain my excitement with this bag I then went on to make another with yet another tea towel and here is that little bag, which is stunning with its red spotty lining and little vintage rose button on the magnetic clasp

Eat your heart out Cath Kidston, I think they are just as lovely as hers and at a fraction of the price.

Other things going on this weekend have been sun, sun, sun, barbecues family and my lovely children and little grandson, here he is enjoying a bowl of strawberries and cream

and my bargain little oil lamp from the charity shop a real snip at £1.25!!!!! Don't you just love a bargain and the charity shops are my downfall.

Well heres to another glorious week of sunshine, fingers crossed.

Claire xx

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  1. Very pretty, you did a marvelous job on the bags. You have inspired me!