Thursday, 10 May 2012

New Crochet Projects

I have so much that I am wanting to do at the moment, I can't seem to fit it all in! My head seems to be buzzing with ideas and as I browse the internet and sites like Pinterest I just see more and more that makes me think ohhhhhhh I could do that, isn't it lovely!

Last Friday night my darling husband was taking me out to a posh do so I decided to wear my lovely red dress, which looks quite good so long as I wear the shaper pants underneath to keep all my wobbly bits under control and I also wore a slinky black pashmina. There was just something missing though I looked a little like I was wearing a block of red and a block of black so, whilst Oliver was getting ready I thought that I would crochet a little red rose to go on the pashmina to glam it up a little bit and it worked it was just what the outfit was missing.

And here I am wearing the said rose, I got the pattern from Lucys blog and it was such a simple thing to do and so so quick I made it in minutes. If you would like to have a go the link is here have a go it is really gorgeous, in fact so gorgeous that the rose is no longer mine it was begged off me by my mum!

Saturday bought lots of ohhhhhs and ahhhhs as I went to see Bibelot's new haberdashery department and it is so lovely lots of colour and beautiful bits to buy!

I purchased some Rico baby wool and some Rico Merino wool along with some bias binding, pompom edging, which I intend to edge my Cath Kidston cushion with when I eventually get around to daring to start it, and some beautiful pink flowery cotton duck material that I just couldn't resist.

As you can see I am trying to gather a few bits of fabric together so that when the mood strikes me to do something a bit crafty in the sewing department I have a bit of choice. I am still on a mission to learn how to competently use a sewing machine and if I am very good I am hoping that my husband will buy me a nice one. He is an absolute expert on a sewing machine and when we had our camper van he made all of the curtains and piped box cushions. He may be a solicitor now but many years ago he went to college to do a fashion design course :)

Disaster happened later on in the week my favourite white china teapot developed a worrying crack and started to leak after I made the mistake of putting it into the dishwasher on a steam program. I am so upset it was a lovely pourer no dribbles or leaks but it is now in my bin.

After attempts to get my mum and dad to let me have the Grimwades Chintz teapot sitting in their display cabinet failed miserably, apparently it is part of my inheritance and they are not planning letting go of it yet :( I had to resort to my horrible old teapot that has a nasty habit of dribbling everywhere. In desperation I thought that I would cheer myself up and crochet a new cosy to cover up the ugliness of the pot and here it is I am delighted with the results.

I made it from the Rico wool I had bought from Bibelot earlier in the week and some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I opted for a brown colour as I thought when the pot starts dribbling then it wouldn't be too noticeable.

I then thought that the cafetiere was now looking bit boring so out came the James Brett Kool Kotton and I whipped up a little cosy for that too.

Don't they just look lovely sat together on my table and just ready for this coming Saturday when I will be having friends and family over from France for afternoon tea.

 I have already started my next major project with the Debbie Bliss Andes wool I got in a sale  but first I had to make the hanks of wool into usable balls and what a flaming nightmare this has been! I don't think I will ever buy wool again that isn't already in a ball. I have never before had to do this and I got into such a mess!

My first thoughts were to lay it on the table to keep it flat and then wind it from there but as you can see from the pictures it just turned into one great big knot and this colour took me an age to unravel from this tangled mess.

Next I thought I would try and stretch it between my legs, which worked a little better but the wool is so silky that it just kept popping off

I then enlisted my middle son to help, which didn't last long before the words of "my arms are aching, do I have to do this" were ringing around the room

So in a last ditched attempt to do it on my own without bothering anyone else I placed a stool on the table and put it over the legs and this was a great success.

I won't let on yet until the next time that I blog as to what my latest project is, but I am very excited about it and as I couldn't find a pattern on the internet for it and as I can't read patterns in crochet books I have studies pictures of the article I am making and have made it up myself and have even done my very first tutorial!!!!!

Right I had better go and get on with my cake baking for Saturdays afternoon tea party.

So until next time.

Claire xx

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  1. What colours of Andes did you have? Your flower scarf is lovely!