Friday, 9 March 2012

Aching Fingers!

Well I have been doing more crochet hexagons for my blanket and its coming along nicely! I am really pleased with it, it feels so soft. My fingers are starting to really ache though after a good crochet session and I am wondering if I should be changing to another style of hook??

And lucky me, my daughter has bought me a few extra balls of Rowan handknit cotton to keep my supply from running out. I just adore the colours available and it crochets up perfectly with not splitting.

When I had done my weekly stint helping out in the reception class at our little school with lots of sticking, reading and dressing up, I did a very quick trip into town as it was such a lovely day and I had a few hours to kill.  Of course I had to go into one of my favourite shops.

Bibelot it has the most devine little treasures in and I had to make a little purchase :) Some nice Cath Kidston stationary

Along with a few extra buttons for my button box.  I must confess I do have rather a liking for buttons and this little tin is just the tip of the iceberg I have another two tins which I must say are considerably larger and the last thing I needed was more buttons, but they were just so colourful and shiny I couldn't resist! Isn't the this little tin super, I only got it a few weeks ago and it had a little selection of 'Love Heart' sweeties in. I don't even like the sweets but the tin was just too nice I had to have it.

I had a stroll around the little flea market that comes to town on a Friday and got a few bargains

Five little EPNS coffee spoons, a beautiful silver plate cake slice which was made for the 1937 coronation grand total of £3 a lovely little Royal Winton egg cup plate £2 and a dinky green enamel ashtray which is edged in brass just £1. Cant wait for tomorrow I just hope the weather is good then I can have a dash around the collectors market while my little man has his guitar lesson.

And I had to take a picture of this stand in the town it was just lovely. I really should start to think about my garden, the chickens are making quite a mess of the back and I would love to look out onto something colourful.

Claire xx

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  1. Just made a cup of tea and thought I would have a little read, I so look forward to it. Keep up the good work. lots of love B xxxx