Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Hooky Day

My middle son is off school today with an upset tummy so I am confined to the house on a day like today! I had planned going to the monthly antique sale but hey ho. There are worse places to live on a day like this, I only have to walk outside my front door and I am in the middle of stunning countryside.

This is my home, we are currently renovating it and it is my pride and joy!

So today has been spent crocheting a few more hexagons for my blanket and it is starting to grow, I did start by just crocheting hexagons and putting them where ever i felt but am now trying to neaten it up so I can actually see what size it will be. I have done it in Rowan hand knit cotton, but I seem to have little stashes of wool and cotton all over the place.

Below is my Rico Creative Cotton stored in a lovely little Cath Kidston bag I got for the bargain price in the Bibelot sale I also have quite a lot of wool hidden out of sight under my spare bed, so other members of the family can't see my addiction!

As you can see my lovely lovely little crochet blanket is coming on nicely :)

So tea and sympathy have been administered to my little one who is tucked up in bed and then I will shortly have to head off to school to pick up my other little darling

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