Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Living it up in London

Well Helen and I are back from London having had the most wonderful, wonderful time. Oh how the other half live! and for a short time we tried to live that life!!

After leaving the train we caught a taxi to The Carlton Club and went to our rooms to get changed into our little black dresses and headed straight for The Ritz and after a small disaster with my hold up stocking, which decided they were going to play the Nora Batty Game whilst walking there (they were ceremoniously removed in the street) we entered The Ritz and decided to eat and drink in The Rivoli Bar

We Started with Champagne cocktails which were devine 

and served with little bowls of crisps, green olives and salted almonds

We had a sharing platter of Hors d'Oeuvre a la Russe and every mouthful was the most wonderful a taste experience

Then accompanied by a bottle of chilled bottle of Chablis our main course arrived on a little silver tray and we tucked into probably the most expensive burger and fries I have ever eaten, but with its accompanying crispy onion rings, exquisite home made sauces of bernaise, blue cheese and mayonnaise it was to die for. 

After more wine, olives, almonds and crisps we had a few glasses of free water settled and rather large bill at which point we thought it time we headed back to The Carlton.

But before doing so we thought we would just have a trip to the ladies powder room, and yes you guessed, more photos!!!!

I am not quite sure why there was a need for a sofa in the ladies but it was the most sumptuous loo I have been in.

Back at The Club and a small night cap before retiring to our rooms to dream of the evening we had just experienced.

The view from my window

In the morning we were up early and after a full english breakfast with cereal, toast, juice and tea, we stuffed ourselves to bursting so we wouldn't have to stop for lunch and then pulled on our comfortable Ugg boots and off we went for a day of excitement and window shopping.

The Burlington Arcade

Fortnum & Mason

 Cath Kidston on Marylebone High Street, this was just such a wonderful shop and at one point I did think I may faint from the excitement.

Purchases had to be made, it was an absolute must!
Some Rose pillowcases and the most lucious little clutch purse you have ever seen! It is called the Victoria Rose Pearly zip purse and I think it must be a special range Cath Kidston is doing for the Diamond Jubilee, it feels lush and has tiny little pearly buttons all over.

At this point it was 2 o'clock and time for a large white wine spritzer and a well earned rest. I can't remember the last time I walked so far and looked at so much.

 After a few more shops we headed to Liberty's, a shop with an old fashioned elegance it almost felt like stepping back in time.

We were at the point feeling like yet another sit down and a bite to eat, so thought we would do the typically British thing and have Champagne afternoon tea. On our little stand was presented with little bites from heaven and all of this was washed down with a glass bubbling and sparkling glass of Veuve Cliquot and lashings of hot tea.

Again we battled on with the shopping, it was difficult but we did our best!

On through St. Christopher's Place and its trendy shops

These beautiful painted eggs were all over London and this peacock one took my eye, the colours are amazing.

Time was getting on so we headed back to The Carlton Club to pick up our luggage, going through Picadilly Circus

 Past St. James Palace

and with a little stop off at the famous Davidoff shop to buy out husbands a little bottle of Whisky to say thank you for looking after the children and letting us be ladies that lunch for a day rather than our usual roles as Mummy's and housewives

At the Station there was just enough time for a few more glasses of chilled white wine spritzers before heading back to my lovely family, home and life in the Peak District. 

What I joyous weekend, I have laughed and cried with happiness and joy, it was a delight to spend time with my beautiful friend, a weekend to talk of for many many years to come and an experience I will never forget. I feel that a few of the boxes on my things to do before you die list have been well and truly ticked.

Claire xx


  1. What a lovely read. Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, thank you so very very much for inviting me to share with you!! B xxx

    1. And thank you for the good company and making it a weekend to remember xx

  2. Beautiful pictures. It was like being there. Glad you had such a great time.