Friday, 2 March 2012

A Nice Surprise

I have just arranged to go to London on Sunday evening until Monday evening with my lovely friend Helen, it was quite a surprise organised by my lovely husband! We will be travelling down 1st Class on the train and staying at The Carlton Club. Very posh so unfortunately I won't be packing my trusty jeans, not allowed I'm afraid.

So I have spent the morning browsing the internet, eating hot Marmite on toast and trying to decide where to visit.

Cath Kidston in Covent Garden is an absolute must! I was delighted today when she commented on Twitter that she loved my tapestry Union Jack Cushion that I did from her Stitch book.

I think I will be mainly looking for inspiration rather than spending up big, mind you that is what I say know, when the shops are there and all those lovely things are saying 'buy me buy me' who knows if I will be able to resist :)

I am always on the lookout for something nice to make. Below are some tea cosies I knitted the first 2 were inspired by the Crochet with Raymond blog which I adore. Although mine don't look quite the same I think they are gorgeous, and the last one was the first tea cosy I knitted and this was from Kirstie Allsopps book

Well I think my evening will be spent baking again as my beautiful little hens have laid me a lovely lot of special little eggs and I need to prepare for the weekend and to make sure that my lovely boys (and I include my husband in that) have a fully stocked cake tin to feast on whilst I'm not here. 

Claire xx


  1. Love that tea cozy with the flowers. Adorable. Have fun in London. Take lots of pics.

  2. Thank you Kim, I'm glad you liked it and yes I have been to London had loads of fun and as you can see too a few piccies!!